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Appeal Decisions

UT Neutral Citation Number: [2013] UKUT 0521 (LC)
UTLC Case Number LRX/14/2013

This APPEAL Case should be read in conjunction with these two former RPTS Cases:

It involves additional ADMINISTRATION CHARGES to cover the costs of reading gas, electricity and water meters and other administrative tasks in connection with the supply of utilities to the pitches, being added when reviewing Pitch Fee.
Hill Bros Ltd, a Rhyl, North Wales based company also trading as Briancrest Ltd, having won a Tribunal decision in Cornwall, (Resugga Green Park) lost the case brought against them In Lancashire, (Broadfield Parkwent to appeal on the grounds of “inconsistency decisions by RPTS”

The Appeal decision was,
“The appeal is therefore allowed in so far as it relates to the administration charge for the supply of water, but otherwise is dismissed”. 29/10/2013