Buying and Selling a Home

If you purchase a second hand home from the home owner, the pitch fee you pay remains the same as the seller was paying until the next pitch fee review date.

The site owner is not permitted to handle the sale money, he is only entitled to a commission of up to 10% of the sale price of the home alone (furniture, shed, garage, etc. are not included) from the seller.

This does not apply if you purchase a second hand home from the site owner.

When you are considering purchasing a new home from a site owner, the law (Housing Bill Part 6, Chapter 3, Mobile Homes) states...

[you must receive a copy of the written statement/agreement not later than 28 days before the date on which the agreement to which this Act applies is made] you may consent in writing to a lesser period if you so desire.

Additional information to sellers & purchasers.

The age of the home is no longer a relevant factor or an excuse for site owners to refuse their permission to assignment of an agreement to a purchaser.

The seller notifies a site owner in writing they have a prospective purchaser and requests approval to assign the agreement (give the purchasers name and address).

The site owner must respond to the seller in writing within 28 days giving/withholding his approval to the assignment.

If approval is given subject to any conditions he must specify those conditions.

If approval is withheld he must specify his reason for withholding it.

New Site Owner.

If/when a new owner takes over a Residential Park, the Agreement/Written Statement you have with the previous site owner is binding on the new site owner and an not be altered.  In other words the new owner can not force you to accept a new agreement or alter your existing one.

DCLG Forms.

There are some useful forms available to assist buyers and sellers of mobile homes as well as forms for 'gifting' a home. At the moment these are only applicable in England.  If forms are produced for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, they will be added to the website in due course.