A forty minute wait for an ambulance to arrive at a critical time was just too much for residents at one park home estate.  So concerned that this could happen in the 21st century, with the victim living on the outskirts of a town and only four minutes from a large hospital, a decision was made to implement an initiative scheme – namely the formation of their own defibrillator response team.

The founder member and team trainer, a retired NHS ambulance instructor, gave a résumé of the progress of the defibrillator response team at the recent 2013 NAPHR Annual General Meeting.  The following facts given to the meeting and listed below generated a lot of interest and the Presenter advised and exchanged contact details with other park residents on how to go about starting similar schemes on their respective parks:


  • 130,000 people die annually in the UK from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. (SCA)
  • 86% of collapses - are from SCA.
  • 250 children die in school every year - from SCA
  • Every minute a person who is in a collapsed state with SCA and is NOT being resuscitated (CPR), the chances of survival drops by 15% and if NOT defibrillated the chances of survival drops by 10%.