NAPHR Membership

Membership is open to Residential Park Home Owners on Permanently Licensed Parks, excluding anyone with connections to the site owner.

Annual subscription is £5.00 per home.  This entitles you to access the telephone advice line and/or written replies if you send copies of correspondence. (QRA's or Associations with more than 50% of owner occupied homes can join all their members for £3.00 per home, one cheque in full payment please.)

On payment you will receive by return, a copy of our constitution and receipt card.

We are a totally voluntary group established in 1982.  We advise on matters relating to Mobile Home lifestyle, buying a home, forming a Residents Association, the Mobile Homes Acts, Written Statements, etc.  We have a Committee of eight in various locations from West Sussex and Cornwall to Scotland.

We endeavour to deal mostly by telephone or by letter but park visits can be arranged where necessary.  Alternately you can arrange a visit to our headquarters in Colwyn Bay, look for Coffee Corner Cafe on the main street, opposite the Theatre, you will find our office above the Cafe, around the side and up the metal stair.

NAPHR have been involved with the Park Home Working Party (PHWP) group for many years seeking changes to Mobile Homes Legislation,  The PHWP group consists of residents representatives such as ourselves and representatives of the Park Home Industry, Council Officials and MP's.

January 2005 saw the first fruits of our efforts to help residents when five new pieces of legislation were introduced which it was hoped would deter site owners withholding their consent to you selling your home, improved protection from harassment, removal of the five year term regarding the condition of your home and the right for prospective purchasers of new homes to have a copy of the written statement 28 days prior to an agreed sale.

On 1st October 2006, twenty new Implied Terms were added to the 1983 Act.

A free copy of our pamphlets DCLG (Department of Communities and Local Government) Housing) giving the latest Mobile Homes 1983 (as amended) Implied Terms Schedule 14 Part 3, now replaced by the 2013 Act.

May 1st, 2011 saw the introduction of the RPTS (Residential Properties Tribunal Service) our second pamphlet is a guide to this service and is also sent to all new applicants for membership of NAPHR.

The RPTS has now taken the place of the Courts in dealing with dispute and is giving an excellent service.

A new Act, (2013 Mobile Homes Act) came into being in England on 26th May 2013. ~ Free copies have now been sent to all our paid up members, also a DCLG Booklet 'Park Homes, know your rights'.  New legislation is coming into being on 1st September 2013.

All new members will receive free copies of both plus the RPTS Booklet when they join.

We are waiting for the Welsh Assembly to introduce it's new legislation.

Membership forms can be printed from the website page Membership Form and sent to the address on the form.

Jim Winchester