Site License

Under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 all Residential Park Owners require a Licence from the Local Authority to operate his business.

However this Legislation is not considered to be ineffective and out of step with modern licencing regimes, the Mobile Homes Act 2013 updates the old legislation and introduces changes to the procedures and penalties for enforcement of Site Licence Conditions on Residential Parks.
This Legislation has not been updated for 50 years and without doubt is a very important review that will benefit Residents in the long term and force owners to comply with Licence Conditions.
The amendments to the Legislation are made to provide effective enforcement powers to require works to be carried out to remedy poor conditions of Park Home sites and where there is non-compliance large fines through the Courts.
The Local Authority intends to work with Park Owners to resolve any problem, however where Park Owners refuse to co-operate Local Authorities will be able to use these New Enforcement powers to ensure that bad practice does not prevail.
The Authority will also be able to take emergency action if they find that there is a condition on the Park that is an  imminent risk to the health and safety of anyone on the Park they have the power to remove the risk.
This Legislation is quite complex so I do not intend to go into further detail but if you wish for further information please contact us.
Further to the above, the Park Owner will have to pay for his Licence and he will be able to pass the cost to you the Occupier via the Pitch Fee, when he receives his first  Licence Fee cost, he can divide it equally between each home which will go into your Pitch Fee on the Review Date after his fee is payable to the Council annually, but he can only make the one Charge to you, and any other Charges relating to his Licence he can not charge to you.
We have made strong objections to these payments and we hope that it does not come into play but I have my doubts.
Brian Doick.
NAPHR President 12/03/2014